Some Datasets You Can Use For Your Time Series Studies

In my thesis, I was planning to develop a forecasting model based on time series, but I had to change my project idea because companies were not very willing to share their data. But since time series is such an important area in data science projects, I continued to practice afterwards. In the list below, I have shared some data sets with you so that you can do time series studies.

  1. Microsoft Stock

With this dataset, you can make predictions about Microsoft’s stock prices based on five to six years of historical data. I am sure it will be a good practice for the case and interviews you will attend. The dataset is below.

2. Minimum Daily Temperatures

You can make good predictions with these daily temperatures recorded in Melbourne, Australia for 10 years. The dataset is below.

3. House Property Sales

If you are just starting out with time series, you can practice with this real estate data. The dataset is below.

4. Household Electric Power Consumption

This dataset has measurements of electricity consumption in a home with a sampling rate of one minute over a period of 4 years. The dataset is below.

5. E-Commerce Sales

With this dataset, you can predict a store’s sales/transactions. You can use this classic theme for time series projects. The dataset is below.



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Alper Ersin Balcı

Alper Ersin Balcı

Industry 4.0 & Manufacturing Engineer at BSH